September 12, 2018

Part 3: Dix, Prafleuri

The next section led deep into the mountains. Up the valley to the ski resort of Arolla, and over the Pas de Chèvres to the imposing view of the Mont Blanc de Cheilon with La Cabane des Dix overlooking. I’ve visited the Dix hut several times on the winter version of this route, so I pushed on towards the Pas du Chat and the Lac Dix beyond.

Cabane de Prafleuri isn’t in the most picturesque setting - crouching in the barren quarry carved out of the landscape during the construction of the Dix dam. I was running low on water for the last couple of hours hiking, so arriving at the cabin was very welcome.

The journey onwards to Mont Fort was perhaps the most perilous of the trip - an intense scramble up and over the Col de la Chaux. Very happy to arrive at Cabane du Mont Fort in one piece.



Normally a software engineer, recently I've been spending a bit more time in nature.

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