April 4, 2019

Sherpani Col

6,180m, D028 - Sherpani & West Col are two impressive passes connected by a glaciated plateau. The ascent of Sherpani is a tough scramble followed by some easy rock climbing, followed by a 35m rappel down to the plateau. Rockfall from above and crevasses will be a constant danger.

The guidebook and most of the itineraries I’ve found recommend spending the night on the plateau between the two passes. However most of the descriptions from smaller groups recommend pushing through in a single day. It seems when you’re trekking with a small army of porters and support staff then the long rappel at the West Col takes several hours.



Normally a software engineer, recently I've been spending a bit more time in nature.

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West Col

The second mountaineering section and the highest point of the trek.

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