March 3, 2019


Post trail update

With hindsight I would have taken less camping food. See the Itinerary - Resupply page for more information.

We will eat as much freshly prepared food as we can. Dal Bhat is delicious and we want to support the local economy as much as possible. However, we'll only have access to locally prepared food on about half the 115 days in the itinerary. The rest of the food we'll have to take with us. We would love to be able to resupply at shops along the route, but the remote villages rarely sell backpacking compatible food. It's not really possible to cook lentils and rice on a backpacking stove.

Our logistics partner Mactrek will be arranging several supply packages to be delivered to us at various points along the route, but we'll have to carry ten days of food at several points. Calorie density is essential, and ease of preparation is also important.


We will be having a fast-and-light breakfast of an RxBar, 100g of trail mix and a hot coffee.


Lunch will be easy to prepare - no stove needed - 100g of Huel protein shake, a ProBar Meal energy bar, and half an FBOMB nut butter sachet.


Dinner will be an Expeditions Foods 1000 calorie dehydrated backpacking meal, and a hot chocolate drink. We'll add half an FBOMB oil sachet as a calorie boost. This should give us 2,912 calories per day for 612g.

Energy bars

Thanks very much to RxBar for sending us a selection of their RxBar energy bars.

Dehydrated meals

Thanks also to Expeditions Foods for offering us a generous discount on their 1,000 calorie Extreme Energy dehydrated meals.

Oils and nut butters

Thanks also to FBOMB for sending us some of their Premium Oils and Nut Butter sachets.

The full menu

CaloriesWeight (g)cal/g
Energy bar (RxBar)200543.7
Trail mix5671005.7
White coffee37103.7
Protein shake (Huel)4001004.0
Energy bar (ProBar Meal)370904.0
Nut butter (half an FBOMB sachet)105157.0
Expeditions Foods backpacking meal1,0002005.0
Hot chocolate drink107283.8
Oil (half an FBOMB sachet)126158.4


Normally a software engineer, recently I've been spending a bit more time in nature.

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